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How much do dental implants cost in the Cincinnati area?

The cost of dental implants can vary widely depending on several factors, including the location, the specific dental office, the type of implant, any necessary pre-implant procedures (i.e. 3D jawbone scanning, surgical guide, bone graft sinus augmentation, etc.), and whether dental insurance covers any part of the cost. In the Cincinnati area, the cost of a single dental implant can range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more.

Keep in mind that the cost of dental implants may include multiple components:

  1. The implant itself: This is the artificial tooth root that is surgically placed in your jawbone.

  2. The abutment: This is the piece that connects the implant to the crown.

  3. The crown: This is the visible, artificial tooth that attaches to the abutment.

  4. Pre-implant procedures: You may need bone grafting or other preparatory procedures before getting an implant, which can add to the cost.

  5. Any associated fees: These may include consultation fees, X-rays, and surgical guide.

It's essential to consult with a local dentist or oral surgeon in the Cincinnati area for an accurate estimate, as they can provide a personalized quote based on your specific needs and circumstances. You can also inquire about payment options and whether your dental insurance will cover any portion of the cost. Additionally, some dental practices may offer financing options to make the cost more manageable for patients.

At Zealous Dental Springdale, we provide free consultation for dental implant patients. We are in network with most of the insurance companies, which make dental implants more affordable. 

You may schedule a consultation appointment with us by clicking the button below:

Replacing 1 – 3 teeth

A single tooth implant is a dental prosthetic device used to replace a missing tooth. 

The Solution for Full Upper

For the patients who have no teeth on the whole upper jaw, we have several different approaches:

The Solution for Full Lower

For the patients who have no teeth on the whole lower jaw, we have three different approaches:

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